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    Hi guys, I'm looking for a specific function in an article spinner. I'm willing to pay some money to get it because I need to spin my articles. Normally I hand spin my articles to includes segments of other relevant articles to increase the uniqueness. Sometimes I add in html and add {sentence|} to lower word counts and make the articles seem even more unique.

    However, what I need in an article spinner is not a magic button that spins all synonyms in an article. What I need as an article software that can spin articles the way SENuke does. What I mean is that SENuke had something like

    #1#John is {nice|cool|awesome}./#1# #1#John plays soccer/#1#

    #2#Mary is {kind|sweet}./#2# #2#Mary does knitting./#2#

    Ok, that's not it all. I actually forgot how the numbers/spinner text goes.
    Basically it's supposed to allow me to use only certain paragraphs/sentences when used with the #1# tags and not with others. This creates a consistency that doesn't end up like jibber jabber mixed sentences not making sense and is very readable to humans. Its commonly used to butcher some articles into one mega seed article that is great for posting to tier 1 satellites, which is what I need.

    I'll correct the tags into their proper forms tomorrow. If anyone knows what I'm talking about let me know.
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    Do you mean tokens?