Looking For A Simple Toplist Script, Installation and possible Customization

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    I am looking for a simple (as in user friendly control panel) Toplist script to set up Street Team promotions for rock bands. I need it to allow new members to sign up, get a unique tracking URL from my domain, that redirects to a page I designate. I need members to be able to sign up without having their own web site (or be able to sign up with a Facebook page URL).

    I need it to create a top member chart based on the in/out hits member URL's get and I need to be able to reset at different intervals.

    I do NOT compensate members, so no need for shopping cart integration or affiliate payouts. I run monthly/weekly contest and offer prizes based on the Top 10 members, etc.

    No members will have their own web site (other than Facebook pages, etc) so I do not need banners for members, or any content. I simply need each member to have a unique URL that redirects to my site, that gives them chart points for each hit. So they can post their URL on their own social media sites and get points for each hit

    If this makes sense to you and this is something you can write, install and help me get set up so I know how to use it properly, please post below. Questions or need clarification? Post below. No PM's, I cannot respond. No skype. Thanks.
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