Looking for a Quality and Creative Article Writer to do continual work.

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by zalpriest, Dec 5, 2011.

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    I'm looking for a creative article writer. Someone I can work with for a few months. I'm developing a new site and I need someone who can write me 2-3 articles a week with my given topic.

    The articles are all related to an upcoming game that is coming out that is very popular. I'm not looking for these articles to be anything related to SEO. I'm purely looking for quality and creative content that is it.

    Articles that will make people want to come back and subscribe etc etc.

    The site will be authority, and I plan to go big on this project. At first I want to pay you by the article of coarse so everything is fair, so list your price per 100 words or however you want to do it. I'm looking for 500-1000 word articles.

    In the end if the site goes big, I'd like to pay you a percentage of my total income and per article and have you write more often.

    Once again I'd like to reinstate that I'm looking for quality over quantity and SEO. I'm sure some research will be involved on your end unless you know the game well.

    Provide some samples plz or some recommendations. I will not taken anyone without seeing some of their work.
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    I have sent you a PM.. Look forward to hearing from you.