Looking for a PHP Expert to help answer questions in regards to a Project

Discussion in 'PHP & Perl' started by noahwesten, Apr 25, 2016.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm thinking of starting a new project and am looking for a scripter/coder who has a good knowledge of cPanel modification along with adding plug-ins and some Web Programming knowledge with mainly PHP & JS Jquery.

    I have primarily focused on monetizations of my Fashion Tumblr blog, (As of today it has around 650k followers) and most of the profits made is through Adsense. Recently I have been a part of a few group promotions Tumblr FB group that have 100+ members in each of these so called "Group Promotion" FB groups. Unfortunately, all these group promotions are managed manually by members in the group and as a result, I would like to create a forum/website to streamline and automate this process.

    Rough idea of the project is to build a forum website that manages automated Group Promotions que posts to Social Media sites such as Tumblr / IG. Some features that are needed is management of live chat group (removing / adding users to groups within a repetitive set time) and automating posts to said Social Media sites.

    I'm aware that someone who is going to take on a project like this would need to have a good knowledge of cPanel modification along with adding plug-ins and some Web Programming knowledge along with PHP & JS Jquery.

    Unfortunately, I am painfully unknowledgeable with PHP and as a result, would like to consult or talk with anyone who's expertise lies in that area.

    If anyone here is kind enough to let me ask a few questions in regards to this startup project through Skype, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you.
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    I'm a 10+ year programmer and I have NO idea what cPanel has to do with this idea..

    What you need to build is a web app, and that has nothing to do with cPanel.

    1. write down the process in logical steps of doing your idea manually.

    2. create flow diagram (google it) on how the data flows from step to step

    3. Go over step 1 and 2 various times and try to include all the exceptions (uncommon situations) you can think off.

    4. Create a user avatar (fictional person) and based on this person create user scenarios going through your steps. 1 - 3 should be enough.

    Now you have a good start to contact a programmer. All the above you can do with zero tech knowledge.
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    Well OP did say he has no programming knowledge, so it's understandable his jargon would be a little misplaced.