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    Hey everyone, My situation is pretty simple, I have a single product that I will be selling on the internet (internet marketing niche related) and I am going to be offering 2 different versions, a subscription based system, and a standalone version. My IDEAL solution would be paypal, but as I have read paypal can randomly ban your account for no reason. I will not be selling any garbage product, it is a real piece of software and it works, should I be worried about PayPal shutting down my account? As I understand it there are a lot of fraudulent charges in places like here and other places around the IM niche. This is not a knock on this forum or anything, I love it, I am just looking to protect myself because as with anything related to the internet, there will be a lot of fraud. I also looked at Plimus, and they are good, except their fees are VERY high AND they pay net 15 (meaning they won't pay out until a 15 days after the close of the month for items sold). What I am really looking for is: 1. Someone that won't shut down my account over some garbage fraud every once in a while. 2. Someone who can process my payments and pay me instantly, but a few days later would be ok. Just not something where I have to wait 15 days. 3. Minimal fees. I *could* use my paypal, it is a business account and I do have a debit card with it so I guess I am not worried about getting my money right away if I need it, but I am in fact worried about paypal shutting down my account or freezing it randomly. What do you guys think about using my paypal account, or any other alternatives? Thanks for any advice in advance.