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Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by jtaylo49, Oct 28, 2009.

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    Alright, before I get badmouthed and told where the search bar is, let me first say that I have been lurking around for a while, reading up on various threads related (and unrelated) to the topic I am about to mention.

    Basically, I have a website (posted in another thread) in the movie news, spoilers, reviews, photos, posters, trailers, etc (everything to do with movies) niche. I understand that this is probably a saturated topic, but there must be some way to make it work.

    I'm currently using Adsense on the page and a, so far, worthless Kontera account. With that said, I'm barely earning any money at all (under .50 cents a day, if that). I attribute most of my problem to low traffic levels. Before you start complaining and telling me to use the search function again, let me explain my setup, please.

    The website is a completely custom Wordpress Blog that I designed and implemented myself. The domain name is a little different, but I'm confident it can work. The website has been online for over a year.

    I've installed SEO plugins that automatically generate meta data for each post based on the title, description, and keywords I provide when posting from the dashboard. All the meta data is relevant to the corresponding post.

    I have the large square image ads from adsense in each post (as I've read on here that those perform the best) as well as some ads in the sidebar.

    I've made youtube videos (of trailers, rare photos, etc) that link back to my site and I regularly advertise on Facebook, MySpace, and Digg. I have an auto update for Twitter that automatically uses my RSS feed to update Twitter.

    I've installed Google analytics and several other tracking tools.

    I've posted on messageboards and other blogs only to have my posts removed.

    I've also tried several other things I've found in the forum that aren't really working for me.

    Lastly, I've tried a traffic trading service I found on here (rapzapp or something) and while that did generate traffic, it obviously isn't targeted and they aren't clicking ads.

    I'm confident this website can be successful, but I think I need help. I'm looking for someone to help me monetize it in a white/gray hat way as I do not want to get my account banned or build a bad reputation. This can be through adsense or CPA, whatever. I just think I'm at the point to where I need help and I'll gladly share the profits if successful.

    I already pay for the server and built the website myself so there really is nothing required from you in that respect. Just some advice, a CPA account, or some marketing help.

    Thanks for your replies and thanks for not making the typical responses to someone who needs help.

    PM me for the website url.
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    How much traffic are you currently getting?

    I'd be interested to JV, but I'm like, super nub at getting traffic XD