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    Hello. I'm looking for an experienced programmer to advise me as I progress from an intermediate user to an advanced user. I have been using Python for the last year and have a decent knowledge of algorithms/data structures/OOP but have no work where those concepts are implemented. I mostly create scripts rather than full programs, hence my choice of Python. In return I will help with gruntwork or whatever other way I can help... I am educated and motivated but would prefer to stick with greyhat/whitehate work. I am interested in working with data, generally speaking. I have a little experience using scrapy, regular expressions, sys, etc. I have used bash quite a bit. If I'm not making money doing this, I want someone who has 10-20 years experience and can tell me about the history of things like what you were doing during the dotcom bubble or when BTC blew up... I am also interested in web dev and am willing to learn PHP or whatever is required. I don't care if you're brown, black, communist or capitalist - just be educated or effective. If you know someone who might be interested in someone like me, please pass along the message. That is all.
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    Mentoring is not permitted on BHW.
    Start a thread in the relevant sections with any questions that you have.
    There are also numerous Skype groups related to programming if you search the forum.