Looking for a long-term article writer to work with.


Mar 22, 2011
Hi, I currently have big projects that demand a huge, consistent demand of articles - as such I really need a high quality, good-research writer to write me brilliant 1000 word articles on a consistent basis. For each site I may need up to 20 articles, and I jump site to site on a consistent basis.

I don't mind flat rates per 100 words - if you can guarantee me that your article quality qualifies the following:

-Passes Copyscape
-Provides good value for the reader (researched)
-Good for social network discussions

In comparison to The Content Authority , if you can guarantee me cheap, well-researched articles (that of at least the Great/Excellent level) then I'll definitely love to work with you. :)
Hi, for those who replied:

Sounds like a good deal. Is there a place where I can see your portfolio/samples?

I'm a bit apologetic to be so picky, but it involves a partnership for quite a while. Your rates do look really cheap at $1/100words - are you used to doing 1000 words?

I don't use Skype nowadays as I'm rarely on the computer, more on my mobile phone with a good email client - so if you could PM me a working email, it'll be great.

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