Looking for a guy who can code me a custom SEO software

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    Jan 18, 2012
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    I'm looking to post links in these particular platforms. I have uBot and I believe I could achieve the task using it but I think the learning curve is too high at the moment for my available time. Thus, I would like someone to create it for me for a reasonable price.

    I cannot disclose much of the details in fear of getting the features copied. One thing is certain is that I won't be selling this software, only using it privately.

    This, I can share. What I am trying to do is a software that:

    1. Allows me to import sites and then the software will look for a footprint in order to identify if the site is eligible or not. If not, it discards it while only accepting those "postable" sites to the database.

    2. The tool now lets me put in content to post on these sites.

    3. The tool lets me extract the exact URLs of where the posts are found.

    4. The tool will now comment or reply to those same posts but by using different proxies.

    If you are experienced in creating SEO tools then hit me up, I'll talk about it more then let's talk about price. Thanks!

    Here is my SKype ID: ultra777services