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    Hello everybody ,

    We have a software company in US and we are looking to market a Forex software which tells where to enter , where to exit , Whats your take profit and whats your stop loss everything will be given live . This is not robot or anything . You have to see the entry and you have to enter at what time the software points out .

    This franchise offer is available all over the world except US since we can market of our own here .

    We are looking for selling the software all over the world .So we are looking for a franchise .

    Franchise works and rates :

    Franchise works is to conduct seminars around their city or country . WE will be giving live Seminar in pc from US here so that u can make it live in tv there ,of ours and all you have to invite peoples for the seminar .

    For example :

    Software rent is 200$
    You get 30% of it .

    So for example if you are arranging a seminar of around 50 - 100 peoples who does forex and in that 50% peoples are interested means you make 1500$/month for 25 peoples gross profit easily .

    So The more and more people you invite you get profits .

    Everymonth you will be paid based on how much peoples you got . For example you got 25 peoples and this time time another 25 peoples , so totally 50 peoples , so its 3000$ easily . So the old peoples shd be continuing every month inorder to pay you.

    We are particularly looking for a companies so that they would have workers to help out arranging the seminar halls and etc.

    We are not looking for the country Which have Rule that forex should not be done .

    In future versions we are looking to make it available to even stock markets all over the world .

    So we have started looking for franchise now itself . Peoples who are interested drop me your messenger id with your country details .

    Thanks for spending your valuable time with my message

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