Looking For A Focused Mind And A Solid Plan To Reach My Goals.

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    Hey folks, I've been looking through forums on and off while I do my daily grind to make ends meet. Things in the rat race are looking more and more dire as each year passes and i've just grown fed up of not being able to control and direct my life the way I have always wanted to.

    I'm a 35 year old living in NYC and I want more!!! More for my family, more for my friends, more for my community and above all, more for myself. I've managed to get this far without being burdened by kids but eventually I do want to raise a family and who knows how much time we all have to live our dreams and aspirations the way the world is going.

    I've been searching and learning, looking for an answer, a direction, a purpose. I've listened to and read many make money guides and audio programs and courses, more so in this year alone than before, because I really need to change things in my world and i've reached my tipping point.

    I've tried some things like article writing and fiverr to get some start up money and have bought a few of the more universally suggested tools like scrapebox. I've read post after post on other forums about how to start a real online business that can be scaled into something great and I have decided that that is what I want to do. After so much reading I noticed alot of warnings about information overload and analysis paralysis and that's why I decided right now just what type of business I want to create from the start so that there will be no deviations or second guessing, just focused action and results.

    Having said that, If there are any great minds who have a grip on things and are wiling to share a bit of insight into how I can start out right with a plan of action, I'd be more than willing to give you my utmost respect and attention. I have skype and and a whole mess of other means of communication apps, I am a highly technical minded person and very capable with computers and the web in general and I am willing to LISTEN and ACT on any information that helps me reach my goals.

    So in essence, I am looking for a mentor who has great experience in building the kind of business that I would like to have. As I said, I want a business that can scale to as high as I want it to, and that can be operated without me constantly "In" it so to speak. I am very interested in eventually media buying and other traffic buying methods like adwords and facebook advertising. I really don't find the things i've read lately about google seo that attractive when it comes to maintaining income for a business.

    Its a great pleasure to be here and I hope to learn alot more and do even greater things with what I learn.