Looking for a few JrVIP+ to review Plugin for cloud-based content, lower bounce rate, etc

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    Jun 16, 2011
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    I would really appreciate help from a few folks here with a new cloud-based content plugin that my team and I have been working very hard at (and hope to BST). Here is a snippet from the readme.txt:

    Would you like to...
    Massively increase user engagement on your site?
    Increase Avg. Pages-per-Visit by 2-4 pages?
    Increase Avg. Time-on-Site by 1-2 mins?
    Drop your bounce rate dramatically?
    Add thousands of pages of media-rich, relevant and unique content for crawlers to index?
    Add thousands of long-tail keyword combinations to your SERPs?

    I am nervously hoping to get some positive feedback for quoting on the sales page, some advice on what to improve, and some encouragement. Please PM me if you are interested. Review copies will be provided.

    Thanks for your time guys.