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    hi people :)

    let me explain what im looking for, dont know if anyone can assist me on that mission :)

    i know that here are a lot of ppl who have 10000s of accounts, bots and software which are working well enough, the manpower and time to like, comment and share almost everything back and forth, but i dont :(

    so - im looking for a service who is able to check just 1 fanpage for new postings (usually there are only 1 or 2 each day) and if there is a new one, then send like 100-x000 accounts to like, 100-x00 to make a comment and 10-x0 to share. that as a monthly package, the checking, like, comment and sharing every day as a cronjob or sth..

    its a noncomercial genuine fanpage.
    you can PM me with offers or send me a skype message if you think we should talk about a long term business relationship :)

    ps: to all others to whom i already spoke to - your still on my todo list for other bookings, but dont hesitate to offer me something new :)

    ps: check out my still looking posting http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...kes-youtube-twitter-soundcload-followers.html
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