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Looking for a bot that can mass INSTAGRAM COMMENT

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Alper1, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. Alper1

    Alper1 Newbie

    Mar 14, 2014
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    Looking to buy a instagram bot to fully comment multiple accounts at once on certain hashtags. Need optimal comments sent out from all the hashtags. My main need is to have these accounts mass comment with the bot in random orders with delays that optimize the amount of comments sent out without banning or suspending my accounts! Serious business running, need serious freelancer who can work with us. Currently use IGERLIKE but it's been spamming out my accounts and I use to be able to run it consistently with 20 second delay between comments and a 5 min delay after 5 comments were sent out. Mention your from the forum. Thank you! Will also pay if you can find me a already running bit that can consistently keep up with way I need. Thank you.
  2. erickishere

    erickishere Elite Member

    Nov 27, 2012
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    Check out followliker. It's pretty good