Looking for a "add-on"/"bolt-on" Shopping Cart solution

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    Me and my gurlie, are looking for a shopping cart for her new website where she will be selling her vector artwork (Illustrator) and self-made jewelry (Rhino3D + T-Splines).

    She's bought the WP theme Gridlocked themes.premiumpixels.com/?theme=gridlocked
    And already changed it to what she needed in Photoshop, and sliced it.

    Getting a shopping cart is turning out to be a royal pain in the a$$.
    ShopperPress doesn't work with other themes than the ones which come with it. In their pre-sales FAQ they tell you to setup your store separately and link to it from your main website. But that's a crap solution because it involves more work. Maintenance of the main site and maintenance of the store. The store IS the main site.

    Magento is off the list after I told her it is now eBay property. Although we both liked Magento at first sight.

    We already looked here developer.practicalecommerce.com/articles/2698-23-Free-Open-Source-Shopping-Carts
    and here hellboundbloggers.com/2010/05/21/free-open-source-shopping-carts/
    And similar roundups and reviews like that.

    But it's not what we're looking for.

    We're looking for an add-on Shopping Cart solution. (Not a catalog Shopping Cart.)

    a) Should run on a Linux server.
    b) It shouldn't be a WordPress only solution. She doesn't want that anymore.
    c) It should not provide the store front and product pages. Or have the option not to use them. Just the Shopping Cart pages (plain (X)HTML or just examples is enough).
    And of course the "Buy Now" button code, "Goto Shopping cart" code, "Display amount in Shopping Cart" code to add to our Gridlocked template.
    d) It should of course provide all code to handle the Shopping Cart, and user registration, order processing, order status notices by email, and payment processors.
    e) It should interface directly with Plimus (must), 2CheckOut (2nd choice), or any other reliable payment processor which handles many payment methods (3rd choice).
    f) It should be easy to completely remove the cart from the website and ditch it for another.
    g) It should be reliable and stable code.
    h) The Shopping Cart script should not be encrypted/encoded.
    i) Payed-for is not a problem, if the price is within reason. But free is preferred.
    j) Last but not least, it should come with good detailed documentation.

    Note to c) : My girl will theme the Shopping Cart pages so that they will match the rest of the site. So looks of these pages are not important. Coding is also no problem.

    In short she wants a standalone shopping cart solution that comes with elements/code/code-insert-tags to put into your existing webpage templates.

    If you know of any, please post in here.

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