Looking for 2 things: Affiliates and Feedback on the idea :-)

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    Looking for 2 things:
    1. Affiliates
    2. Feedback (please be open with ideas, as it's the only way to make this even better.)

    Are you already an affiliates for something:
    Not sure how many I need, but will take people on a first come first serve basis. Will close down applications when I am saturated.

    What you need to make this work:
    Do you have traffic that is primarily female?
    Have you already captured the Breast Cancer Awareness Niche?
    What about Art focused autoblogs, landing pages, micro-niches sites?
    What about Medical Research focused autoblogs, landing pages, micro-niches sites?
    Can you play with Emotions?
    Do you already do things that help expose some form of awareness or cause with special hubs, squidoo's, yahoo answers, etc?
    Do you already have email Lists of Females or older couples?
    Do you have any physician, list, sites, hubs, etc?
    Do you have any Medical Patients flow of IM traffic?
    Any of these have worked...but there are tons of other ideas that can work.

    Cash, $$$, Revenue
    -Will use an individualized tracker link, Discount codes, and other traceable links for sales.
    -Will Pay 40% of sales for this one easy tangible art product ($12 per sale on a 29.99 product)
    -Pay will be every 2 weeks via PayPal (With a minimum of $100) (This is due to returns which are valid for 7 days so we place a hold for 10 days) [The goals will be to pay out every week as soon as the 7 days are over!]
    Bonuses---see below!

    Create, Create, Create
    You can create your own sales page, or link to ours.
    You can link from emails, newsletters, whatever.
    You can just send your old sites or blogs traffic non-targeted to us and hope for the best.
    Item is shipped from the center of the USA so please target appropriately
    SHIPPING IS FREE to USA and UK so it should make things easier.
    (Note: At this time there is no banners, sales copy, auto-responders, etc. I want you to be creative, if it becomes necessary we'll tackle it then.)


    -Bonuses are going to be products that are tailored specifically to your current internet marketing systems already in place.
    -How these bonuses works is that once you qualify for a bonus you work with us to clarify what IM Streams you already have in place that are unused or that you want to use more efficiently.
    -We will then create special products specifically for you, that only you will be able to sell for a certain period of time (which will hold as only yours for even longer if you hit a certain minimum each month!).
    -These will be super micro niche streams especially for our top affiliates.
    These bonus products will have higher percentages associated with them.

    These bonus products will also qualified for Adult streams (gay, straight, erotic, and nude)--these are great if you have adult traffic and no idea what to do with it.

    Let me know if there is enough enticing info for you to sign up, and please let the questions Roll :)

    It's all about the questions and ideas, please help me create a fine-tuned plan to help you sell faster, better, and more hassle free!