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    Hi there,

    I'm looking for a top notch high quality Landing Page Designs/Code. I only expect very serious offers.

    The reason why I'm posting it here is because I'm sick of the Marketplace gigs. Even tough most of them provide good service, it is a very tiring process. They send a sketch, I send corrections and every back and forth takes a least a day also I'm missing "real time service/support"

    What I am looking for:

    Landing Pages with:

    Kick ass, High converting design
    Features like countdown timer
    Content locker
    Geo Script
    Aweber integration
    Audio Effects
    Fast loading times

    The whole thing should be in real time on Skype. I expect that we are both online at the same time and that I get involved in the work process. We can work with screen share, team viewer etc.
    I don't need to watch you work but I just want to see that its going in the right direction.

    I know this is a lot to ask but I'm willing to pay by the hour to make it fair. Also there is an option for a long term cooperation.

    Please only serious offers with:

    Live Sites / Portfolios / Offer / Skypenic
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    There is a funny saying some designers have: "I charge $50 an hour, but $75 if you watch and $100 if you help."

    The marketplace already provides a fairly fast turnaround for those features you want, considering they have a higher volume of small work due to the exposure. No one subjects themselves to completing the entire design and programming process in real-time over Skype, and if they do, it's out of desperation, meaning you then get work created out of desperation.

    Creating mockups and then sending a consolidated revision request is how the process works and gives the designer a personal space that invokes creativity. You're telling me you think it's best if you invade the designer's head space and prevent their normal workflow? Not to mention you also want to control the entire programming process, given the features you requested.

    If you've ever read the 4-Hour Work Week or are just familiar with the Pareto principle, you will know that there are a select few clients who are easy to work with, pay most of your bills, and generally leave you happy. The rest are like you who want to micromanage every second of the process, lead to a miserable experience for both parties, and are inevitably severed from all business dealings because they are not worth the time. A client who pays less but leaves you to your own devices and doesn't interfere is much more valuable than one who pays more but controls every aspect of the process.

    Now, if you prefer your boss standing over your shoulder all day and telling you exactly what to do, I'm sorry and that's something you need to deal with, but that behavior is equivalent to that of a kindergarten teacher and a five-year-old. I can promise you that if you micromanaged me for even ten minutes, I would destroy your contract and never speak to you again.
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    just sent you a message, thanks :)