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    Hey BHW, I've been trying to do some research on media buying (just out of curiosity), and noticed that there's very little on the topic here on the forums.
    So I'm going to go ahead and share what I'm looking at, and hopefully start some chatter on the subject. I'd love to hear what you experienced media buyers have to say, I'm positive that you're on here somewhere!

    What I think (so far) to be a good strategy for media buying is this:

    1. Starting with good research using www.whatrunswhere.com to spy on other companies running ads, and analyzing what is working.
    (whatrunswhere is optional because it's pretty damn expensive.. but spying is important!)

    2. Making sure your CPA / Affiliate offer is a GOOD one

    3. Using inspiration from whatrunswhere research to take your good offer and combine it with a quality ad using photoshop.

    4. Using the www.sitescout.com network to bid for good ad space (always keeping research in mind)

    5. Remember to use only a fraction of your budget on initial tests, as I'm positive that split testing is KEY in this field.

    SPLIT TEST UNTIL IT WORKS - change it up when it doesn't! Always analyze the competition using that handy whatrunswhere tool.

    So... What do you guys think? I've only just begun my research on the field, and this is as far as my understanding goes.
    Would love to hear some advice from someone who actually has experience with this! Seems like a good way to blow some extra money to me ;) Could work out fairly well.. but I may also be terribly wrong :rolleyes:

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