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    Last night I was sitting around talking with a buddy on Yahoo messenger and we where talking about the down sides of life etc. He said even though you may have a down side for the day it will be a good day as long as you look at it this way. Well anyways I got to thinking about this after I received a pop up on my computer advertising health care / google / etc. and it started to slow my computer down.

    I was getting mad because I could not find the source of the malware but I kept looking on the bright side that I was still able to work on the computer even though the process was slowed down a bit. Well this morning I logged onto the computer and it was over with. Malware advertising a free spyware / virus software was all on the desktop and I could not install anti virus of any sort or even open Firefox. I looked at the bright side that I would just reformat my system and I would be on the computer again.

    Anyways I found 2 reformat cd's and began the tedious 1-2 hour process of reformating the hard drive. Well that finished up and then I put in the last cd which ended up giving me a "CD is unreadable" message. This made me angry so I looked at the bright side and decided to catch up on some things I have needed to for a while. I watched some TV and relaxed in my room, cleaned up the work desk a little bit, spent some time with my family, and caught up on some well needed rest. Now I am on another computer and downloading all 3 boot cd's to try to reinstall the OS again but in the end since I looked on the bright side today was a very nice and easy day. I felt like I got some sort of stress off my back and chest and was able to not worry about how much money I had made today etc.

    This post isn't for the purpose of telling you how my day was but instead to let everyone know that even if you are having an awful day look on the bright side and all will end up good. A low day in cash just means someone else had a bit of a better day than you and consider it a charity for them since you have been making bank daily for a while. If your computer crashes catch up things that you have been missing out on or neglecting. I know a ton of folks that pretty much live on there computer and this is not the life you should be spending 24/7. Go play with your children, hang out with friends, and just have a good time. I hope this helps those who think a down in their life is a bad thing when really it could be a good thing... its just the way you look at it.
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    Wow that's pretty inspiring. I like to practise gratitude. So I remind myself that's it's gerat to live in a good country in a nice house with free healthcare in a time with no world wars. "The power of Now" is also a great book, it teaches you to live in the moment, rather than always thinking about the future and having perpetual disatisfaction.