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Long time reader first time poster.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Beemer_twins, May 3, 2016.

  1. Beemer_twins

    Beemer_twins Newbie

    Oct 23, 2012
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    First of all a BIG HELLO to all of the BHW Forum

    I've been a long time reader, and stumbled upon the forum in late 2012 when i wanted to start running my own business.
    i created a website and started to look for different ways to promote my site mainly on google, I new nothing about SEO, Keywords Back-links, Social, Serps etc etc.

    I Now know the basics about most of these but for example i don't know how or where to start with back-links.
    My Keyword Research is OK, I mean I ranked top 4 For my keywords for my site but didn't really get conversion. I don't know why, whether my site was engaging enough for someone to follow up but it did rank well. i recently closed this down and also closed my business last year due to too much pressure working for a company and trying to work for myself as both were physically demanding.

    Now I've sort of had a kick up the bum and had a realisation that life is tooooooooo short! I'm 27 and not getting any younger, Running a household, Getting married! Its taken me time and more growing up to realise that, I'm stuck in a dead end job where the employer doesn't want the "guys on the ground" to move up, but i also have now noticed that i don't actually enjoy what i do anymore. The people, the trade and anything connected with it has gone down hill for the worst, Doubt it will go back to how it was 9 years ago!

    The CHANGE Continued...

    I love everything Tech, Web and Business wise although i haven't studied any relative qualifications for my love of all things i'm now going to dedicate time to them and learn, from online courses in marketing, maybe even a couple of study courses that are 3-5 days. Hopefully Ungagged next year. :)


    To Run some IM stuff, and a business revolved around Marketing.
    To be my own boss, not be dictated to! Be Efficient and proactive. grow something from a seed to a big tree;)
    But it all starts with me! and also you as a forum!
    WHY again??
    Because reading has made me realise that this small community on the web is willing to help each other out. Give and Take.
    I will now definitely be more active and engaging on the forum.