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    Mar 2, 2014
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    I thought I'd finally post an intro here since I may be interacting with the community more often and would love to not be such a :newbie:.

    I really don't have a lot of tech. knowledge to share (even compared to the average user on this forum) but I'm good at putting systems together that work based on other people's knowledge and experience. I'm good at gauging whether I think a system will have longevity and good at spotting the next new thing that nobody may have thought of yet.

    With that said, looking forward to growing with some real IM's and I'm available for questions or if you want me to help you tweak your enterprise or get some intelligent advice! I'm experienced in most forms of IM including Facebook, SEO, SEM, Bulk Email / list building, Twitter and content writing.

    I also have daily fresh lists of warm (abandoned shopping cart) leads in the Health/Beauty niche (would be willing to give a Free Sample List to a Senior Member in exchange for vouches in the future due to my low post count :p). Thanks!