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    Mar 17, 2009
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    Hello well ive decided to make a introduction thread as its was long due. In the next month or so i will be trying anything and everything i can to make money online. Ive tried to make money here and there, The most ive made was 10$ from selling a basketball card on ebay. If you guys are willing to share some of your secret money making technique with me, i would Greatly appreciate it.
    I dont have money so i cant invest in anything yet, sadly. I usually spend 3 hours on my computer a day sometime more. I am a begginer at Graphics and Web Coding. Im looking foward to meeting new people here.
    Now to Explain who i am.. :)

    My name is Troy i live in California, im currently in school. My hobbys are football and golfing. I also like smoking weed every now and then , im very comitted to doing things when it involves making money. I like all types of music haha. im trying to think of things i can say, Hopefully we can talk more sometime and you can get to know me more.

    Well thats all i got :p:p