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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by valleyviking2, Nov 4, 2011.

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    Nov 4, 2011
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    Hi -- I apologize for putting this in here, but according to the reply from the "contact us" link, that box isn't actually checked, and since I am completely locked out of my other login, and can't PM the admins without having 15 posts (and I have no desire to spam this forum just to hit that number), I had to create a whole new login and update here. Not a desireable outcome, I'm sure -- perhaps this is something that needs to be further thought out in terms of the help process for those having login problems?

    I digress -- I have been lurking and making occasional posts all week, I love this site. I have been browsing the site using my windows machine at home, and my iphone using tapatalk. This morning, I fire up tapatalk, and i get the "Login cap, locked for 15 min" message. Except the problem is, even with PW resets, waiting 15 minutes, trying different machines, I cannot log in. I can reset the PW, but it won't actually let me log in again -- I keep getting the "wrong username, wrong pw" message, even when trying it fresh on a new machine.

    This is pretty frustrating. I don't know why tapatalk capped out on the logins -- it was working fine all week, with the saved pw. I really didn't want to make a new login and spam the system (and abandon my old login), since clearly this could happen again.

    Can an admin e-mail me at the e-mail on my valleyviking account and kill this account please? I just want to participate and lurk, like I was before. I am here to follow the rules, and I am not a needy member. From what I can tell, I've been a good "citizen" of these boards, but the process is clearly broken, or there's something I am missing. The reset PW function is not working, clearly.

    thanks for your time, and I love this place -- I just hope I can participate again!
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    Looks like I can at least get in on my desktop machines again, still not on the iPhone, but I guess that is that temporary IP ban thing? Anyways, you can kill the valleyviking2 profile -- sorry to make a duplicate, but there was literally no way to ask the question without it. It's not really a very intuitive experience....