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    hello all, im a locksmith in phoenix az looking for help in google places or any other methods. I had a few (black hat) ads up and had a lot of success but since have been taken down. Im offering 20% of each job completed as I don't have any capital to start up and then once the calls come in we can start a monthly plan if you would like or you can keep the 20% for as long as im in business. I only do car lockouts and the jobs range from $50-$100 per job and as I make money and get a key machine then we can do $300 transponder keys in the future. I work 24/7 and never turn down calls..we can set up a callfire # so you can record and see which jobs I complete. If anyone thinks they can help and are interested in a long term partnership then message me thanks
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    I may be able to help you in a way. PM me.