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Aug 13, 2010
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Hi BHW i have a site aming for the international people and my question is.

Is is better to move it from my server in Denmark to hostgater if i try to reach the international people or will this have no effect on the search result.

primary i try to get showen when people make image search on google.

I used to have the same dilema and asked/read around.

As far as I know, as long as you have the right TLD then the location of the server is irelevent. This is because it would be silly for Google to discriminate a site hosted in the US (example) because its cheap hosting over there, that was targeting UK consumers.

As I said though, make sure you have the right TLD and you will be fine.
My website targeting us traffic are hosted in the us.
They have faster access time and server response. I knew that it can help a little for ranking too.
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