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    Ok my company just paid me to do SEO for one website that is .com but it's Serbian. Website is ranked number 5 on Google for particular keyword but i need to rank it up to number one. Generally, domain is almost 3 years old and it's low on statistics. It has 78 backlinks only, 2 referring domains, pr quality is very weak and so on... Any advices or guaranteed services that could actually help me out with this?
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    Real Local SEO is a lot of work. And it's not what you see 98% of guys on here doing.

    You always have to remember there are 2 different perspectives and 2 completely different ways of doing it. One that is laborsome, expensive and correct, another that is lazy, cheap, wrong & dangerous. The fact you're already looking to outsource to services on here, with no idea of which to choose, tells me this business has bad management and will fail no matter what they do. But I'll still give you my advice....

    Perspective 1: The IMer Way or SEO Way:

    1) Take clients money.
    2) Outsource to some shitty SEO service that won't do shit because...
    3) Local businesses require a 1000 different things to be truly successful in the long run.

    Perspective 2: Business That Knows Their Shit Way:

    1) They find someone highly qualified (through rigorous screening/interviews) and bring them inhouse the first year or 2.
    2) If you're a savvy business owner, you'll already know all the required work, how expensive it really is and how much work it takes.
    3) The marketer should both be properly funded AND have a personal stake in the businesses success.

    More on Perspective 2.

    I'd charge a minimum of $500-$1000 upfront just to do market research. If they can't afford, don't work with them. If they can...

    Take all their primaries (-geo tag). Let's say they give you 10. I'd go find alternate roots using GKT, Scrapebox, Ubersuggest, then multiply the list to 30-40.

    Afterwards, I'd find all regions they plan on dominating, then merge all roots with geo-tags.

    First time I did this I took 15 keywords, turned it into (don't remember exact #), but I merged roughly 30 or so root phrases with 14 counties and 465 towns. So the formula was basically (30x14)+(30X465)=14,370 total prospective keywords.

    I ran every single one of those keywords through GKT to get searches.

    Then I sorted and deleted for hours. A lot of this is common sense work. Like you'll see rows of thousands of keywords that you know just don't belong (based on very low or NO data on the root) so you delete all the root & root-geo versions of that keyword. Your goal is to keep the top 10% which is around 1,500 keywords. That doesn't mean you'll target all those keywords. I targeted around 400 first time I did this. You just get a good pool of keywords to build a silo'd local authority site.

    I made a separate spreadsheet for the top 10 competitors to do link reports for each.

    I checked how G Local was displaying for the top 10 most competitive keywords using 3 geo-targeted proxies. I basically found centroid, drew a 20 mile triangle around it on G maps then marked 3 random points. Then got proxies for those areas. When this wasn't possible I'd go shopping in those areas just to check and see which sites were doing "better than they should" outside their region. And I'd mark off those sites in excel.

    I made note of keywords that had better chance ranking in G Local than organically.

    Back then I use to manually search tons of long tails to see if YT videos showed or not. Now I have a bot that does this. And for local, generally you don't see lots of YT. At first I thought this was bad. Until I started uploading hundreds of geo-targeted videos then doing mini blasts with GSA. Suddenly all these videos started ranking on page 1 effortlessly. It's one of the easiest, quickest and cheapest ways to drive targeted local traffic. Best of all, the quality of YT traffic is unbelievably good. Only bad thing I can say is you need a real refined process to "spin" lots of HQ videos. I've wrote it on this forum before but it's too long to explain again.

    Generate a citation list of 320 sites with the top 50 highlighted.


    This is all the work I do before building a site. When I actually build the site I target hundreds of long tails which = lots of content. Massive geo YT account. Register G Local + all social sites. Outsource citations to 2 guys. I always do the top 12 on my own first. The 1st guy manually does the remaining top 38 (month 1). The 2nd guy does batches of 80-80-80 months 2, 3, & 4.

    As this is being done the site gets put together.
    I do lots of video work. Always a super professional VSL on the homepage under the form and number.
    Get the YT account done.
    Will blog comment manually on select local sites. Not a lot, just a couple dozen the first couple months.
    Will spam CL which I can't talk about here.

    By now I have a mix of citation links, YT links, and blog comments.

    After this I move to stage 2. Which is campaigning for reviews. I usually drop fake reviews on all the shitty sites myself. Like merchant circle, kuzdu, insider pages, they're a joke to drop reviews on. Google & Yelp I have my own method for. Which just involves trading reviews or paying local people. Then I build relevant HQ web2.0 and construct the PBN.

    In 2012 I was buying PBN links. These days if I buy PBN links they go the web2.0 buffers. I don't care how good the links are you always need access and control. Then most importantly the PBN. Buying domains, relevant content, aging, slowly linking until the site ranks.

    Budget wise it's really dependent on the business. Outsourcing wise, you can get a lot done for $3000 (citations, graphics, logo, header, scripts, geo-proxies, gmail accounts, VA, domains, hosting, etc etc). Outsourcing content can be a PITA. For instance, if I had to outsource the copy on my hompages I'd have to pay at least $500-$1000 just to get that 1 page done. Then primary pages. These need to convert well too. Back pages can be crappier and you just fill them in with lots of images. But to make sure everything gets done right, we're talking tens of thousands for your avg business the 1st year.

    I'm not a consultant but this is how real consultants work. You don't offer some shitty SEO plan for a few hundred / month. You write up a huge contract. If it's a low competition industry let's guess like $8,000 the first 6 months. Moderate competition like $20k+ easily. Cost is usually an issue. And you need to explain to business owners (where cost is an issue) that they don't own a real business. Like, "I understand that cost is a major issue, but cost will continue to be an issue..... for the rest of your life..... as long as you make it an 'issue'". These funnels generate lots of revenue. In 6-12 months you can easily take a company from nowhere to 6 figs / year. Then half million / year. Make sure you explain all this. That this is how real marketing is done. If they "can't afford it", if they wanna do something cheap cause you misled them.... I wouldn't do any SEO at all to their main site. I'd set up local affiliate sites with call forwarding then go straight BH on their ass. At low rates that's what they'll be getting anyway. A shitty 1 dimensional strategy. The least you can do is break it up a bit and buffer their main site.

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