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Jul 3, 2013
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Hey guys, recently I posted a thread on starting a legit blog and, well, I'm taking action.

Few questions now (I am new to SEO so please correct me if I'm wrong)

For starters I'm trying to rank locally to attract local clients. (not google.com but like google.fr etc.)

Keywords that I have selected 1000+- monthly searches with low competition.

When I Google Keyword #1, gives me results:

1 - Wikipedia link.

Then 7 results are from "Maps" (Assume that comes from Local SEO?)

2 to 10 - websites related to the keyword. (PA/DA below 40, backlinks range from 30 to 3000.)

#2 spot has 300 backlinks.

What would be the best approach here?
If Google likes local, give them local.

Do you have an address in the area you are searching you could use? Can you find one you can use? If not, you may just have to compete in organic. That doesn't mean you can't still play the local game, and use local links (think local directories) you just go about it a bit differently (think using fake biz info).

You're trying to attract a local client, w/ a blog? Interesting. I assume you are monetizing off the lead? Renting the site?

Local links, PBNs, and whatever else you can find seems to be a popular combination : )
Hey OP!

When it comes to ranking for local SEO you have two options:

1. Attempt to rank in the organic results, fairly moderate link-building needed however topping the 7-pack local listings may require some heavy duty authority link-building. The link building anchors you would want to use would be "city+service" ie. San Diego DUI Attorney.

2. Attempt to rank in the local listings, usually much easier, cheaper and quicker to attain however a valid business address is needed in close proximity. I actually wrote up an in-depth guide about this earlier this year, please find the link below!

LEARN HOW TO RANK FOR GOOGLE LOCAL LISTINGS- Optimization Guide & Local Ranking Factors

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I actually wrote up an in-depth guide about this earlier this year, please find the link below!


Warm Regards,

You didn't "write up an in-depth guide earlier this year?.. You shared an in-depth guide by someone over at moz..

Warm Regards,
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