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    I'll start off and quote a post from one of my favorite members:

    Last year I attempted this exact plan for the home renovations niche. More specifically, kitchen and bathroom remodeling. I built a website, filled it with content. Added a local Google address and paid for tons of bookmarks/seo. Unfortunately I still couldnt generate any real leads. The only calls I was getting were from guys trying to get me to pay for SEO services haha.

    A year later, Ive come back to this exact method and want to give it a go again. I'd like to focus on the same niche but maybe keep it to kitchen remodeling. I've studied SB's post multiple times and I wish I could talk to him about it but obviously that won't be happening. So my question to you BHW is

    What does this exactly mean? I'd be very appreciative if someone could explain how they go about ranking google local, and most importantly, what a "large geo-targeted youtube funnel" is. Yes I realized im asking to be spoon-fed, but ANY guidance would be helpful.

    Thanks for reading!