Local Hosting vs International Hosting

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    I have been doing a fair amount of research and found mixed opinions on this matter. Was hoping you guys could help me clarify this and a few other issues...

    I want to target local traffic, so would hosting my site local, help my site rank for local searches? I know that question alone should answer the question, but the thing is I don't trust
    the local hosting companies .

    My first choice would be to host my site with Dreamhost, but I see that they dont have the .de extension, example (xxx.mysite.de). So if I already have the xxx.mysite.de domain can I host it with them?

    O yeah just a tip: I am sure you guys know this already, but just some info for the ones that didn't.... Dreamhost's affiliate program pays 97$ per signup....if you have 5 signups in a month you get paid the same month the lead signed up in. I have 5 people lined up already all I need is the answer to the above question.:D
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    Yeah, there are lots of mixed opinions, but it doesn't matter rank-wise at all. But where it does have effect, is the response time of the site, how fast it loads to the users. Generally even this is not an issue though.

    You can point your domain anywhere.
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