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Local authority site success?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by eMarketBear, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. eMarketBear

    eMarketBear Newbie

    Aug 18, 2014
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    Hi there people of BHW!

    I would appreciate some input in this certain area regarding creating a successfull local authority site.
    So the background...
    After being in the IM buiseness for some time, I have done alot of reading and been growing my knowledge a lot (thanks to you guys!).
    I have also tried a several methods (mostly blackhat) that has been targeting english speaking people which have brought me a couple of 100's dollars.
    But after having a bunch of social media accounts banned one by one I felt that I am in need of another type of business - A white hat / consistent one.

    As you all can see, my english isn't perfect. This lead me to the idea of creating a authority site in my own country.
    So let me put the pros and cons of this:


    - The most important aspect of creating a Authority site - CONTENT... (I would be able to write unlimited amount of high quality articles)
    - Un-saturated niches to target.
    - I know where to market my site, what forums and so on.
    - I know the topics that could makes a large buzz.

    - It has a pretty small population.
    - It is a "rich" country, which is a good thing. But with a lot of savvy people which makes the online scene a bit more competetive.

    Been thinking about some kind of IM blog (since it would grow my knowledge and I have a passion for this) and slowly growing it into some kind of community. Also thought about a viral/news site (this might is a bit saturated though).
    A review site is also an option. This would be easy to monetize aswell.
    Any input on this or other ideas that could converts well in a small populated country?

    To clear out what I mean when i say authority site (yeah, seen the disscussions) - A site that gives you a professional impression, with a lot of high quality content and with a slow and steady growth.

    I have a couple of ideas on how to approach this. But before I start I would gladly hear some stories and input from people who have succeed in this area.
    To other successfull IM'ers who aren't native english speakers; why are you targeting english speaking people? Is being able to target a huge amount of visitors the one and only reason?

    Thanks !
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