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Load Times

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  1. Data pulled from mysql database

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  2. Graphics

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  3. Adsense

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  1. RalphyBoy

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    Jul 19, 2008
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    Which eats up the most resources, longest load time...
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  2. funkman

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    Dec 21, 2009
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    Well, I'll try to sum it up in another way; working with LAMP development for half a decade now, maybe it helps;

    a) MySQL (or any other DB server), if not optimized most common bottleneck
    b) Apache (i.e. web server, it can be any other aswell, MS alternative or whatever), also, if not optimized - bottleneck

    c) images are static resources, they don't eat up CPU most of the time (unless displayed over some script), but they eat up bandwith if not optimized.

    Adsense has never impacted the site speed. Maybe in the early days, maybe, but G does take care of it's servers so that's least of the worries.

    But, what does kill the CPU often is:

    1) non optimized scripts, bad code or similar. For instance, I had the pleasure of determining why was my dedi box on its knees and found out later that, for example, WP plugins like SEO Pressor do kill machines as they've written not only poorly but stupidly.
    This covers the 60% of the common issues people have.

    b) poor DB design. I had experience with that also - harder to fix. But also quite common.

    As I suppose - most of the people here work with WP - friendly advice - be careful with the plugins, some do pretty big damage to the CPU while executing.

    Also, try to use the WP-Cache plugin - specifically - W3 Total Cache, far best one I've ever seen and it's free.

    But then again, if you're having less than 1k visits a day, no matter what you use on what, you have nothing to worry about.