LLC Info out of Public Record?


Nov 17, 2009
My state SUCKS for public information for companies. If they find out who I am, it goes on the public record.

So I was thinking of forming a New Mexico LLC. Lots of benefits to this. $50 to setup. No public record info. No annual taxes or reports. Just hire a nominee to set it up and use a registered agent and a mail forwarding service for the physical address.

Then I was going to apply for an EIN with the IRS using the registered agents address and then using that information to apply for a business bank account online.

If the bank would say anything, I would just say I am in college or something. Hence why my address is in New Mexico while my drivers license address is in another state.

I would take my business bank account money, transfer it into my personal account, and then pay the federal taxes, my state taxes, local taxes and my FICA through that, since single member LLCs are pass through taxation.

Yes, I am supposed to file as a foreign franchise in my state, but screw that.

Does this sound feasable?
Be careful with not filing for Nexus in your home state. This could create a tax dodge situation that could create substantial pain down the road.
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