Living in norway? any one

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    Hello guys,

    any one here from norway? i would like to know little about life in norway.

    -cost of living?
    -how much odd jobs might pay ?
    -how important is local language for wok?
    -How about SEO market there ?
    -how are people
    so on anything you put in is great for me:)

    Thanks in advance

    Note: please no replies like " why cant you stay at your home" "love your country so on" i have my own reasons.
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    I have lived in Norway.

    - the cost of living is some of the highest in the world (expect to pay 2-3x what you would in the USA)
    - the lowest hourly wage is approximately $20/hour (paid in NOK of course) with pro-worker labor laws
    - when I was there, there was a high demand for peopled skilled with computers (specifically, programming) to the point where they could hire someone who knew only English... for the average job, Norwegian is needed (even though most people can speak some English)
    - create the market! there is nothing stopping someone from selling SEO or websites + SEO to Norwegians... they need it pretty terrible given how much the use the Internet and how little expertise there is there
    - you will perhaps want to learn Norwegian anyway to do good SEO there, as Norwegian copywriters and translators are ungodly expensive (this is the main barrier to entry for Norwegian SEO and why it is not as competitive)
    - people say 'hallo' and 'ha det'. for such a cold country you will rarely see anyone wear a hat. and what they say about the girls in this country is all true.

    If your plan is to get a basic job, it might not be so great when given the cost of living cancelling out your wages. If you are able to get a job in the tech sector, that would likely be ideal. Especially because that is the kind of work you would have to be doing (skilled labor with bachelor's) to get an employer's sponsorship for residency.

    They are getting a bit tight with immigration laws, and people are very happy about reporting other people for breaking rules, so it might be difficult to navigate that aspect.
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