Live Long and Prosper greetings from a newbie

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    Although I have been a member of BHW for some time now (slow on the uptake)
    I have found that most members are very generous in sharing their knowledge to anyone who will take the time to read the various posts they so readily submit, as with all large groups you get the ones who hide behind their own aviator but these I note, are soon tracked down and dealt with. With regret My own "internet" knowledge is very limited so I am unable to contribute to the pool of the members knowledge base, but I enjoy reading your reactions to various posts.
    I have been recently been diagnosed with cancer, and can tell you that this gave me a lot clearer picture of what is important, you would be shocked with the speed you change your priorities within a week. Please do not think I am asking for your sympathy as this comes by the bucket from friends, what I would ask of you is to consider how import you are to others, more than you might think!
    Sorry if this has led no where, but I did say I was slow on the uptake
    Greetings to you all