Little problem regarding dropshipping

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    Hello everyone, been a while since i've posted here. So i've had a website setup a year ago for selling a $450 worth item that was the trend then. I've had few months without sales then i stopped updating things. A year later after diving into other ventures i started getting sales and the reason is that amazon has had this item banned from it's market and i've hit number one spot for my keyword.

    Now i'm getting orders with no supplier as all my chinese suppliers has bailed on this item for it's required safety certificates for U.S and Canada. And the ones who do would add a whooping $160 shipping cost per item which is inadequate.

    I thought i would rather find a seller which is already distributing in U.S and just add my affiliate profit to the price, generate sales and order through him.

    Through google, i picked those who had ads posted through the keywords related to the product and messeged a few from which only a couple that replied with not so much resolving answers.

    I want to guarantee that i don't order from a scam website and disperse my customer's money along with my reputation. How do i guarantee that i don't order from a scam website? and how do i find legit sellers for this item in the U.S?