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    Take a listen to this...................... Tiller Wills is his name.

    Here's some of the lyrics
    I guess there's been some things on my mind so...

    Fuck president Barack Obama, fuck his office, fuck his Cheshire cat grin, fuck his promise,
    fuck all the politicians, and fuck congress, fuck every senator that ever turn his back on us,
    fuck Dianne Feinstein and fuck Max Baucus, fuck Harry Reid the senate leaders caucus,
    but I fuckin loved when the stenographer started talking, I wish that bitch would run for office, for real,
    fuck Jay-Z, fuck yeezus, this arrogant mother fucker actually thinks that he's Jesus,
    fuck Rockefeller, both the man and the label, fuck the deal that they made to put some gold on they table,
    and fuck rain man, your inspiration is fake so, your nothing but a puppet for the devil to take yo,
    and fuck Catholics, you gunna murder um Hove? fuck your bad back, mass whack, Lucifer flow,
    and fuck the Luciferian imagery that you show, fuck the money and the scars on your souls,
    fuck Ka$ha, fuck Katy Perry, fuck the dark horse that she rode, I see the owl on the album cover, Drake we know!
    fuck Moloch, fuck Bohemian Grove, fuck your blood sacrifice rituals, fuck cults,
    fuck the Bush's and the Clinton's, fuck Hillary most, fuck don Rahm Emanuel, and fuck George Soros,
    fuck GMO's man, fuck Monsanto, fuck the chemtrails and the poisonous airflow,
    fuck eating food that the transhumanists grow, and well, fuck you if you don't know, so,
    fuck HAARP and fuck weather warfare, fuck a 5 vortex tornado that Joplin had there,
    fuck Sandy Hook, fuck the lies, fuck the crisis actors actin at the Boston finish line,
    fuck Martial Law, fuck checkpoints shit, fuck illegal suspension of Posse Comitatus,
    I guess just fuck everything that our founders taught us, fuck throwing guns in the garbage,
    fuck your roundups, fuck your amendments to the 2nd amendment, fuck NDAA and your government prison,
    fuck the Federal Reserve and the money they printin, fuck the monetary slave system, check it
    fuck the FBI, Federal Bureau of lies, fuck the NSA, and fuck their spies,
    fuck the Pentagon, fuck the CIA from behind, fuck everything that's every been classified, yup!
    fuck the IRS, fuck Lois Lerner, fuck Holder and the guns that he's running over the boarder,
    fuck drones, fuck torture, fuck waterboarding, fuck the American homeland security disorder,
    fuck FEMA camps and the FEMA regional governance, fuck the guillotines they have in storage for us,
    fuck BP and their oil exploding, fuck 9/11 and the stories they told us,
    fuck building 7 implodin, fuck the militarization of all our police forces,
    fuck warrantless door to door searches, fuck the system and how they hurt us, it's like we talking, but they never heard us,
    fuck the New World Order, fuck the petrodollar, fuck the UN, fuck NATO, fuck all of it,
    fuck the Trilateral Commission larsonists, fuck blaming Al-Qaeda when the; West started um,
    fuck false flags, fuck Gulf of Tonkin, what the fuck every happened to talking?
    fuck flossin, fuck the superiority complex that we lost in, fuck Miley Cyrus, fuck abortion,
    fuck Fisa courts, and they closed doors and, fuck the Justice System, fuck lawyers,
    fuck Bank of America, fuck J.P. Morgan, fuck Blackwater and their wanna-be soldiers,
    fuck black op's, DARPA, and all of they programs, fuck Dick Chaney, and fuck Rumsfield to man,
    fuck Chertoff, the TSA scanners and groping, fuck the police they growing here in the homeland,
    fuck biochemical experimentation, in other words fuck vaccination!
    fuck color of law, fuck implied consent, fuck wherever the Haitian earthquake money went,
    fuck the EPA, fuck Fukushima, maybe Edgar Cayce was right, I guess we'll see huh?
    fuck Jon Corzine, fuck Wall Street, fuck CNN, Fox, fuck MSNBC,
    I guess fuck ambassador Stevens and fuck his embassy, fuck the Muslim Brotherhood beheading all their enemies,
    fuck the American regime change policy, pardon me, I mean fuck our gift of democracy!
    fuck order out of chaos, fuck the Freemasonry, fuck Skull and Bones, fuck your secret society,
    fuck 322, and your 33 degree wizardry, fuck you for destroying what my ancestors give to me,

    And on....
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    I suggest removing lyrics from your post...
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    Is the song aptly named Fuck Everything Because I Am Not An Artist, I Am A Retard Craving Attention.
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    It makes me think about Spider Jerusalem. (it's a compliment)


    And just one for my pleasure about religion


    And there is a lot more ...
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    Lovely message . . . Can't wait to see how it fares at the Grammy Awards. :)
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    Lmfao this guy needs to work on his vocabulary :)
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    that's a lot os f*"ks there
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    The Netherlands
    His parents must be so proud.