List of CPA and PPD Networks

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    I was just searching for few CPA/PPD networks on the internet the other day and made a list - So just decided to share the list with everyone:

    Please note, I have not used most of these CPA/PPD networks listed below I have only used Adworkmedia, but if you have any experience in using any of the networks please give your opinion below...Below is a list of networks I found on the internet:

    CPA Networks:

    - MaxBounty
    - ProLeadsMedia
    - PeerFly
    - Click Rover
    - Adscend Media
    - Convert 2 Media
    - Never Blue
    - Adsmain
    -Adgate Media
    - A4D Performance
    - CPAGrip
    - Adz20

    PPD Netwoks:

    - Fileice
    - CleanFiles
    - FileFire
    - Dreamcash
    - Sharecash
    - Zufiles
    - MaxPPD

    If anyone has any other networks, please recommend them below to help grow this list and help other people :)