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List of changes from version XRumer 7.7.45 Elite

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by BLabs, May 15, 2013.

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  1. BLabs

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    Oct 28, 2009
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    List of changes from version XRumer 7.7.45 Elite

    + implemented switching of current mod via the "Modifications-> Current mod"
    + restored proxy / socks checking through Botmaster Labs servers
    + repeatedly optimized processing of textual captcha
    + updated answers the question "What year is it?"

    + to prepare everything for a new competition on collective training of textual captcha, was restored the option of sending of textual captcha to the Botmaster Labs server
    + program was trained to 3 new types of captchas
    + improved mail downloading function: in case of disconnection the downloading pauses
    + adjusted warning messages regarding the use of macros # trans
    + updated description of xbuttons.txt file
    + improved the stability of emails downloading via HTTPS-protocol
    + improved success rate of posting in Asian blogs *. tistory.com
    + in Debug-mode added the option to check the syntax from xbuttons.txt
    + important bug fixed in xbuttons.txt syntax
    + in settings for email downloading option of email logging is separated and is save in file \ Debug \ POP_Logs.txt
    + added reassurance in case if the file POP_Logs.txt will be too large - in case if it?s exceeding the size of 500 MB, the file will be deleted.
    + fixed a bug with processing of ?Preview? on Drupal
    + fixed bug in xmessages.txt, because of which on some Vbulletin forums registration couldn?t pass
    +added the option of full autograbbing (all matches with site on all masks). Such option was added in settings of autograbbing
    + added also in Autograbbing option to not save additional information in xgrabbed.txt log
    + in Scheduler added option to enable/disable Refspam mode
    + fixed bug in Tools->Links database analysis that appeared at enabling of option ?Check only by header of content?
    + improved success rate on Chinese guestbook with footprint: inurl:"/leaveword.asp"
    + improved decoding of captcha in BMP format
    + fixed bug with duplicated posing on DLE-sites
    + in ModCreator was added backlighting of footprints of links
    + Also added associations editor
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.