List Building While Selling CB Products?

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    Hi BHW, I've been lurking here about 3 weeks, and finally thought of something worth sharing, so here it goes.

    What I'm about to lay out primarily only works with the "make money online" type products, especially ones that require having a site. The idea came to me when I saw the product "Young and Boss" (can't for the life of me find it).

    Anyway, the first squeeze page had a video of them talking about how awesome they are, and an opt in email - which you have to fill out to get to the next page. On the next page, they urge you to buy a domain from godaddy (affiliate link), and hosting from bluehost or hostgator (affiliate links) before even buying the product.

    This got me thinking, why can't I do this, but for someone else's products? I can make a squeeze page that has an opt-in and then urges them to buy products related to the one they're about to buy, then send them to the main attraction after netting $70 from godaddy and bluehost affiliation. Then feed that page traffic instead of a post about how awesome the product it. It's like pre-selling

    What does BHW think of this?

    Edit: I'm sure you can expand this with some creativity. Like "you need these shoes to complete this running program safely", and etc.
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    You can absolutely do this - you just need to find partners who have a product like this. Organize your own new product. Make even more money.