LinkWheel Bandit Web2.0 Beta / Reviews Needed

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    LinkWheel Bandit 2.0

    Hello all, Its been a long time coming, but LinkWheel Bandit 2.0 is finally
    ready for Beta!

    We will soon complete production of LinkWheel Bandit 2.0
    and begin beta testing. The Early versions of beta will not be
    viable for promoting your Websites. It will be specifically for
    stability and core testing.

    New Features
    -- Trainer to Add sites.
    -- New Poster
    -- More Granular control over LinkWheel Posting
    -- Much More!

    We estimate beta to continue no more than 6 weeks.

    We would like you to be a part of this amazing opportunity!
    We are looking for beta testers with the following

    1. Some knowledge and input in GUI Design to assist
    in ideas to provide a better UI experience.

    2. If you have used many IM apps in the past and
    can offer advice on how we can better differentiate our
    product and of course make it better.

    3. Coding Background, but not necessary.

    4. Ability to communicate bugs and send them to
    our ticketing system.

    5. Dedicated machine (Something that can allow LWB to run for long periods of time?)
    The Following specs will be recommended to begin with.
    We would like to test on a variety of Windows Based Platforms
    ? VPS
    ? WinXP / 7 / 32/64bit / Server2008? etc etc..
    ? 4GB Ram
    ? Dual Core Processor (Quad Core Recommended)
    ? Java 6 or Greater

    6. We are also looking for anyone who may be interested in creating
    video documentation and regular documentation.

    If you are interested in applying to be a beta tester, please send me a PM.
    Please explain your previous beta testing experience if any, or what you can
    bring as a tester to make this a great product.
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    May 9, 2011
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    Since Ive downloaded and installed this sofware , lwb pro 2.56 its hasnt worked .
    I sent the support numerous emails , starting with this one :

    Hi , Im having problems .
    First , I cant seem to login to my account to see the documentation and guides .
    second ,I cant find an email with my username and password .
    third , My campaigns arent being "saved" on the save screen , and so its not working for me when I load a folder full of articles , saveing keywords or links ,
    whats the deal ?
    Ive watched a ton of videos on youtbe and still cant figure it out.
    Hope you work the weekends ,
    "my name"

    This was the ONLY response Ive recieved to date (4/16/13)

    LinkWheel Bandit Support
    Apr 13 (3 days ago)[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    to me [​IMG]

    Uhh I dunno.

    I told them Id be posting about this "support" for being such a tool . I gave them time to at least consider my issues ,but fuck it , Im out of options .

    Im going to take take this public , cause this new version DOES NOT WORK .

    If Ace or s4antos wants to help me here fine , otherwise , Im gonna chargeback this steaming pile of shit , this is sad , cause matt woodward made it look like an important tool for my campaigns .
  3. yepnopers

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    May 9, 2011
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    Yeah so there ya go - the guy can update the app from 2.56 to 2.75 - but cant answer support emails . Id like a refund sap .
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    I would like to be part of testing and i have some good ideas for new features
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    Ace, I purchase this software directly from your website a week ago. It's not working at all since the download (both program and manual) I contacted support since last week and there is no single respond from your side. Can you please check and get back to me? Sorry that I have to post here but I don't know how I can contact anyone.
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    And this is the reason you shouldn't buy from members with 14 posts...
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    Yeah. I have a problem with the program finding the catchall emails. I see the emails, I see LWB authenticate but LWB can't find the email even though it can authenticate and it is there.