is garbage! (domain has expired)

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    Hi you all,

    Like many of us I joined the BHW bandwagon of and after the free trial period I paid for 1 year of - 3 way linkbuilding. In the beginning everything was working okay, after the original owner of the site sold it on flippa, there was a new owner and I think he didnt understand wordpress at all...

    Why is garbage?
    1. He does not, ever, respond on customer questions
    2. He does answer pre-sales questions; when i tried with extremely stupid names such as 'My Little pony' or 'care bear' or 'captain jack sparrow' he actually responded during the year on sales question, but after confronting him with not answering technical questions (as LUB seemed not to work on all my Wordpress V3.0+ sites)
    3. He let the site expire (what a dipshit!)

    Why I am scammed?

    1. I paid for an entire year $99 and it just worked for a few sites, as HG automatically updates WP versions and a cheap host I am also with does not do it (as it still uses WP V2.9)

    2. Also, he never responded on sales questions.

    3. I am too late with paypal refund as I paid in the summer of 2011

    4. He is stupid enough to let his domain expire ( NOTICE: This domain name expired on 10/14/2011 and is pending renewal or deletion )
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    The original owner offered this for beta testing here but I don't think he can help now. A monthly payment would have been a wise route with a service that is new to the market.
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    hey mate, i am the original owner of (i still host it) and i am very very surprised... i tried contacting the current owner a month back to see if he needed any help, if everything was ok but he never replied.

    Will try to see if i can get the domain back from him or something.