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Links needed..link exchange..sexforum for affiliates...crowdfunding

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by ThePBrown, May 23, 2015.

  1. ThePBrown

    ThePBrown Newbie

    Oct 8, 2012
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    Dear Affiliates,

    Who is willing to help me? I am a need of a lot of links for sexforum4u.com , for exchange i will put a link back through an other sex website, for leaving now footprints.
    This page has a PA of 20 and a DA of 16, not much but its all i can give you.

    Let me explain my idea and what will be the purpose of this sexforum. 2 yrs ago an affiliate could easily make 50-100 usd by posting on the forums of backpage. I am planning to create
    a similar forum, all affiliates are welcome if they share nice post and dont go wild on forum.

    Why i think this sexforum will be perfect for you?

    I have analyse the forum of backpage and have been thinking a long time, why it converted so well?

    First reason is a lot of horny guys came to visit the forum because of the hookers. All guys that willing to pay for sex. Therefor i have created a fake section of hookers on the forum.

    An other reason is/was that all affiliates who posted on the forum all told the same lies in their threads, when lying with all people really start to believe its real, which will help you
    with the conversion when posting threads. My forum (sexforum4u) has been build up with the similar succesfull sections as the backpage forum.

    Unfortunately backpage closed and for affiliates there is no place left for posting free post and make some easy money just by posting threads. This is the mean reason i am building
    a new sexforum. The forum will be open for everyone who does not misbehave and will help you to make some easy money again.

    The forum does have high antispam filter but this will help maintaining a good quality of the forum and keep the bullshit out, which eventually destroyed the backpage forum.

    What i like to ask and what i am looking for here:

    - looking for people with sex sites that are willing to make this forum important in google.

    Right now the forum has a PA of 30 and a DA of 17 , but i am sure you can push this sky high one everyone putting links to this forum.

    If you are interested mail me at thepbrown at hotmail dot com

    I will give you a link back from an adult link directory :

    PA of 20 and a DA of 16.

    - i am also looking for affiliates to start posting new threads, i already filled the forum a little bit but still needs some work.

    What i am offering:

    - once the page start to be more important in google i am offering a free place to make some easy money without working for all affiliates that behave.

    Please let me know and i think the idea could really be a succes if some affiliates stand up and help the forum.

    A website never died by placing a link to an other website!

    Best regards,

    The P. Brown
    Last edited: May 23, 2015