Stating the obvious here: Reverse Engineer.
Sec: see how they operate and look what you could implement or change.
Six degrees of separation. Who, where, and why not you.
You got this one allready, but just for good measure.
Utilize influence. Restaurants, ikr, but you can always transpose to your line of work.

Cluster for understanding. Find out how your audience analyze and describe their working environment and then sub-divide your audience.

Dynamic programming (Richard Bellman). Reduce a problem to (distinct) sub problems, tackle that and share it. Could be in a follow-up series and tailored to a specific cluster.
@Asif WILSON Khan follow-up question: The engage with insights part. How much time per day do you spend on this? (No need to answer, the question is for illustrative purposes.)

The key to increase this metric seems to be tied to liking, commenting and adding your own “discussion worthy” content.

Some random samples from around the internets seem to suggest 15-20 minutes per day at a minimum, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the best strategy would involve spending time at the beginning and end of the day. And since it is “business” (as usual) on Monday through Friday.

Then there is the whole social aspect that comes along. Responding to birthdays, new positions and “who viewed your profile” part. The latter could be implemented at the end of the day and shouldn’t take much of your time.

View profile, send a personalized message with something along the line of “I noticed that you had a look at my profile ... “ and invite him/her to join your network.

My guess is that a C-Suite type of profile should also “engage” across the board (job/position level). Based on the assumption that any sales person worth his fee keeps his or her ears open for opportunities from all directions. I wouldn’t be surprised if the presence or absence of this is weighted in the overall score.
Hm...mine is Top 1% and Top 3%

Does this score mean anything or has any use?
Hm...mine is Top 1% and Top 3%

Does this score mean anything or has any use?

It should.

Regarding SSI, it’s primary function, and the approach of it all, I found this comment which sheds some light on it (at least in my opinion.)

“There’s a difference between “selling” and “social selling”. Social selling (the SSI) focuses on building a personal brand message, finding the right people to communicate that message to, using content to create thought leadership and credibility, and pulling together a community of people to share ideas and information with. When you do this successfully, you will have a long-term set of professional relationships that you can go to when you’re looking to expand your influence.”*

At the same time this whole article debunked my assumption about C-Suite and the need of “engaging across the board.” It seems that greater value is given to people (connections) who are able to actually “make things happen.”

* source:
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