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    Apr 7, 2010
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    Hey folks,
    Does anybody have a script for bulkselecting contacts on Linkedin for messaging.

    I have such script for Facebook (can share), but need the same for L-in.

    What it should do.

    If you have a large contact base on Linkedin, you can't email to more that 200 people at a time when you ask a question in feature Answers. So, if I select a group of contacts (by category), and let's say a category has 205 names, the stupid Linkedin doesn't let you to "select all" ad then uncheck 5 people to send a message. Instead you have to by hand check 200 boxes. Idiotic!

    So, in FB's script you can post a string in your browser and it selects all friends at once. Is there anything exist for L-in?
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