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    Oct 15, 2010
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    Okay, so just confirm I am using the links2rss site correctly.

    I have 3 questions

    1) Do you only do 1 niche of backlinks at a time? If NOT, how do you spin it with multiple niches? Is the title spin just ( {Niche 1 title here|Niche 2 title here|Niche 3 title here} that matches up the links in order, and then the description generic and not very specific since you are doing multiple niches?

    2) What do I put in the RSS Feed Link BOX:

    is this a website I own that I upload the new XML file to??

    example: websiteIown /newfilehere (then I would upload the newly generated file here?)

    3) Then I enter the new XML (after uploading it to my site) to the RSS module nuke and blast away, right? If it is multiple niches see question #1. How do I do different spins for different niches here?

    Thanks so much. I've searched everywhere but had no success, and I have about 400 backlinks I gotta get indexed since I've been killing it on Senuke lately!

    Many,many thanks.