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Link wheel or piramid or whatever is called - need some advice

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by talruum, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. talruum

    talruum Junior Member

    Dec 21, 2010
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    Hi there!

    Sorry for my english. Hope to be clearly on my words.

    I need some advice again :) from you guys: I'm working on very micro niche exact keywords (like 2000 per month). You maybe are questioning yourselves: why da hell I'm working on a very little keyword search? Just for testing right now :)

    This keyword has very low competition. I'm already ranking position #10 on first page with very few backlinks from authority sites.

    I'm moving on for the next steps, but I have a problem: It's a portuguese site, so I can't write articles and spin it and mass submit to article directories (they doesnt accept my language). So, it came to my mind to move on to blogs. Now, I'm creating 30 distinct blogs with high domain PR with distinct content each one, pointing 1 backlink to my site/keyword. When I finish this process, I'll mass bookmark all the blogs with bookmark demon, to make them index fast.

    And then I need some advice: what to do next? Let's talk gray hat, because until now I'm doing nothing wrong and doesn't want to be caught/get my sites with problems. Mass scrapebox/xrumer pointing to blogs is out of the question. What do you think to do next? More 30 videos from different sites pointing to blogs? Profile links (I doesn't see so much value on profile links lately) pointing to blogs?

    Any little help will be very appreciated. Thanks.