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    Well I have a 1.5 years old website. No SERP till now coz at that time I don't exactly know the SEO thing. So Slowly I start learning about different things like SEO, CPA , Affiliate marketing etc other than my collage studies. I have also not took the domain according to good keyword research but still I had enough common sense to select the domain according to my niche. but with a little twist ' keywords are exactly opposite like 'keywordmy' from mykeyword with a number in the end. Well to talk about the competition. It is moderate. Not an easy win.Well So I have some doubts to clear.

    1. What strategy should I adopt for such keyword or website. Means should i change my main keyword and look for other and place the keyword in my inner links?

    2. I am currently making linkwheel for one of my keyword and I am actually copying a spun article to all those web2.0 sites like squidoo,weebly, wordpress, blogger etc.So is that ok with that because one of the spun copy is actually one of my posts on my website. Moreover I dont know how many wheels should I make as I just made these fresh blogs and lenses.
    3. I also have scrapebox and knows how to use it. So should I go with blasting it on my website or create outer links with that. Because I am planning to manually create outer wheel by social bookmarking and Rss submission. Which one is the best blasting , social bookmarking or both?

    Thanks you in advance!:)
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