Link Value Properties and Your Thoughts

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    Hi BHW, I've been lurking as just a viewer for some time and figured I'd get involved.

    Here's a little background: I'm pretty new to SEO, about 4-5 months as a WH content writer. Although this process is long and grueling, it's rewarding to see when a post on a really high DA site (80-93) site gets hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of shares because I'm contributing original, thoroughly-researched content and results that provide real value to readers.

    I know this WH practice is basically the complete opposite of BH (the whole quality vs. quantity argument) and especially because the time it takes for 1-2 links on a high DA is probably equivalent to ~100+ links from lesser DA sites. While there are dozens of articles suggesting the "value" of links, I figured this would be a good opportunity to pool the mantras and values of both WH & BH to compile link value property reference guide type of thing. Something that can help all hats gauge time and resource investment based on landing a link on a particular url (I apologize in advance if there has been a post similar to this - I ran a few searches for 'link value' 'properties' etc.. but didn't find anything like what I have mind).

    Link Value Property Reference

    Core Value/API Metrics
    (the definitive values)
    • PageRank
    • Moz Values: domain authority, page authority, trust
    • Domain Age
    • Marketplace Value (ex; PR3 site = $xx.xx)
    • Location (content, byline, sidebar, footer, etc...)
    • Anchor Text/Keywords (tail length)
    • Link Target Value (the page we're linking to)

    Quality Metrics (some are concrete, others are subjective)

    • Authorship established and author value (Author stats in beta, acutal value is of course debated)
    • Industry Relevance
    • Siteworth (fluff vs. meat & potatoes)
    • Social Signals (shares) & Comments
    • Keyword distribution
    • 'Evergreen' mantra (content that stands the test of time)
    • Content Length (1,200+ words)

    I know there's more, let's build it up - just let me know what else should be added. Thanks!