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    Hi, for few months just reading in this forum, I concluded myself that its so hard to grasp the whole concept tightened together, so i bought a book called 'outsmarting google', and from reading that few questions arise, maybe you experts can answer my curiosity.

    So SEO is all about getting backlinks.
    When you are building backlinks, i now understand that you need to have many different types of backlinks to make them look natural, with only about 30% of the backlinks are really targetting the exact keyword in it.

    if the site i am getting backlink from is 'A' , site A is passing its 'trust rank' to my site.

    here is my question. I see that many services here uses about 10 web2.0 properties to backlink to the money site, and have many many different websites to link to the web2.0 sites.

    So, my main site is only getting backlinks from the 10 web2.0 properties.
    my understanding is that all the other websites linking to the web2.0 properties pass its 'trust rank' to my main site via these web2.0 sites?

    if thats the case, are they passing 100% of the 'trust rank' ?

    say my site is 'A', and one of the web2.0 sites is 'B', and there are 'C' site thats linking to B.
    if the site C is passing let say score 10(just made-up score), will site 'A' get 10 through B?

    I am pretty sure they are (since Link Pusing is a proven service), but
    is it better to use this method? or use alot of high PR links and link to my main site? which way is faster?

    or both?

    I am trying not to follow 'black hat method' but is it ok to use bh to the web2.0 sites since they are mostly very high PR sites with alot of backlinks?

    so the concept is that you make your 'safe' web 2.0 sites stronger by giving them a shit loads of spammy backlinks, and link these strong 2.0 properties to your site, is that right?

    and do i have to use proxies when im creating profiles, blog commenting, submitting directories etc?

    sorry for so many questions, so much stuffs to learn, and so many questions come up in my mind.