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    Is there an easy way to make link pyramids with SENuke?

    I recently downloaded linkpyramidWSO from BHW and I'm ready to give the link pyramid structure a try however it seems like somewhat of a pain to create in SENuke. I am used to just making "link wheels" where I set it to put 2 randomly URLs at the bottom of each article for each Web 2.0 property and was happy to leave it at that. Making a link pyramid seems like I'm going to have to do a lot of manual adding of links at the bottom of each article.

    Do you guys have any tips for how to speed up the process or any kind of trick in general to use with SENuke to facilitate the creation of link pyramids?

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    As long as you plan out your site structure before you post, it should be easy.

    Having a general idea of what sites will link to where when doing a pyramid-style site will help you out. Just use a mind-mapping software or even a Excel spreadsheet works fine.
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    At first I was confused myself. Link Wheels reflect off-site promotion efforts while Link Pyramids are on-site link structures.

    I have gone through the Link Pyramid WSO and it is talking about using a pyramid structure in the creation of your own site. And then it supports it with closed link wheels around the lower level long tail keyword web pages building up into supporting mid level keywords and/or web pages in the middle of the Pyramid. These supporting link wheels would only occasionally link to midlevel keywords/pages and the top keyword home page.

    So, unless SENuke can add pages to your website, it is not going to help in the production of your pyramid. SENuke would only help in the promotion of your site by building link wheels to support the various pages of your pyramid site.

    Just a short recap of the link pyramid scheme.

    That said, I wish I had SENuke myself, or something similar. As long as the content it spews out is unique, It would definitely help the marketing effort.

    Hope this helps.
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    ya, If you know where to put your links, it shouldn't be tough. Although it may need some more manual interferance
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    You say in PM:

    thanks for your reply in my thread: [URL=""][/URL]
    you seem very knowledgeable about SEO. do you have any recommendations? i  have  SENuke and have been getting nowhere with it for at least half a year. I  am not sure what to do to increase my SERPs. I have read all the usual  posts on here about researching top 10 google competitors backlinks and  copying them. However, I feel there is some other technique that works.
    Do you do any kind of SEO  work?
    Thanks again for the reply. I really appreciate it.
    You are familiar with copying Competitor's backlinks, so you should be above the crowd. What keywords have you targeted? Rather than expose them, just answer the question to yourself: Are the keywords that you have targeted attainable? SEO competition? SEO title competition?

    Have the search engines found the links that you have put out there? Do a Google search: links: Both with and without the www.

    This will tell you what Google knows or has in its database. If you are targeting high page rank Web2.0 sites with SENuke, I would think Google would find them.

    I would be curious to see the output of a SENuke campaign.

    To answer your other question:

    Yes, I do some SEO work in Ohio. But, since I am involved in the tax honesty movement, I limit my involvement to the state of my domicile, Ohio.

    Perhaps, this additional information may be of help to you and to others here.

    I believe the Link Pyramid WSO is a good plan. The most important step is the keywords that you are targeting within the plan. The Link Pyramid stated that the keyword that it was targeting was not a good keyword to target since it was not a buying keyword to begin with (acne). With a link pyramid you are looking at building a huge site with lots of unique written content for a lot of targeted keywords with search traffic and low/weak competition.

    • Start with a highly searched for buying keyword in your nitch. I would think it would be a good idea to have the main niche non-buying keyword in it (eg.: acne--> Acne Treatment)
    • Buy a domain with that keyword in it.
    • Design your site on paper before you start building it. Your secondary keywords are the category links on the home page.
    • The secondary keywords are the next layer of web pages (not individual sites).
      • These pages will have articles that are optimized tor the secondary keywords. Then,
      • These pages will have links to more pages and articles with long tail keywords being optimized. This is your third layer
        • Note: I have read elsewhere that you do not want too many layers as Google and the other SERPs only go so deep.
    • This third layer should consist of long tail keywords that you can easily dominate in the SERPs. This is where you are supposed to start making your money.
    • Ping each of these URL and submit them to the RSS Aggregators using Howie's Pinger
    Enter SENuke: Use SENuke to market all the URLs on your site.

    • Create closed link wheels around every URL on your site with unique content (this content could be spun from the articles on your site. Some of these new sites will have links to the secondary page and some will have links going to the main page and some will not link anywhere other than the third page.
    • Then you can build link wheels around the URLs in the linkwheels above.
    • Google should find your site because of your SENuke link wheels at web2.0 power sites.
    Just keep building your site and building your linkwheels.

    At this point you may find that the SERPs are finding your link wheel sites and ranking them high in the SERPs. But that is ok because they are replacing your competitors and driving traffic to your site.

    Eventually this linking strategy will give your site page rank and put it on page one.

    Enter Blackhat techniques:

    • It is my understanding that blackhat techniques should be held to support your link wheel sites and NOT your own website. You want to protect your money site.
    • Blackhat techniques might include:
      • automatic commenting on related (or not) blogs, or forums;
      • the creation of 100s or 1000s of MU (Multy-User blogs like or only much less known or ranked;
      • or leaving your URLs as a result of searches in who is databases.
      • etc. There are several ideas like this on BHW.
    When I had my amazon product site I was posting automated posts from an Amazon database everyday. I soon had hundreds of posts in various categories (secondary keywords). Yet, while my long tail keywords ranked well as did my main keyword, the secondary/category keywords did not. I think it was because I did not provide content for them. They were just categories and not webpages.

    Funny thing though, I did a hand posting on a web2.0 site, Mix actually, and it ranked on page one almost immediately, and held in there too. Back then I was not using proxies either. I had a cable connection with a static IP.

    The only thing Google eats is words. It survives on content - unique, good quality, written content. It likes video and audio too, but they have to have written content attached to them - keyword optimized title tags and descriptions.

    Let's say Google does not find anything that it feels is worthy to surpass others in its database. But then it finds a little niche you started. Don't forget your plan, but place more concentration on that niche to exploit it. And Google will reward you with higher authority. in other areas of your site as well.

    Multiple Site Alternative:

    An alternative to the single-site link pyramid described above is to build the pyramid using multiple sites and domains (using secondary and long tail keywords on different IP hosting accounts. And linking those webpages to the appropriate pages of your intented Authority Site; thereby creating a large extended base for your pyramid - solid ground for it to sit on. Then each of these web Page URLs could be marketed using SENuke to build link-wheels around them. And then you could ping the RSS feeds to each of these URLs, and submit them to RSS Aggregators.

    Host Nine, not an affiliate link, has the most reasonable reseller hosting with alternate IPs situated around the world.

    But it all starts with the quality of your websites and their pages.

    A marketers motto should be:
    "Always Be Building" and perhaps adding

    "Quality Pages & Sites".
    That is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is a lot of work. That is why the gurus advocate testing keywords and offers before they go to the extent of SEO around those keywords and offers.

    It is also why many gurus have built businesses around paid traffic. Paid traffic embrace SEM (search engine marketing) using PPC; and CPV (Cost Per View) aka PPV (Pay Per View); and Media buying. If you have the capital to invest, can accept the risk of loss, have done your homework, and have the skills at your disposal to set up campaigns and landing pages (if used) and/or offers (front-end and back-end); then paid traffic is a good business plan.

    However, Google has been cracking down on PPC by changing its algorithms for landing page quality. It is trying to forcing these paid traffic gurus to provide unique quality content. Google wants to give its users a quality experience on the internet. When an individual hits the back button, that is telling Google that that page was not a quality result for him. If it happens enough, that page gets demoted.

    However, this may backfire on Google, because more and more marketers are going away from Google's adwords and toward PPV and media buying.

    I hope this helps.

    I would love to get the experts' view of this synopsis.

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    That's a killer summary !!
    even i would love to hear from people who tried this
    or tweaked it for their own benefit.

    i also think that this can seem overwhelming at the start.
    but the key is to break it down into steps and do a few steps everyday.

    Putting this into implementation now !
    cheers ;)